Resume Plug Services

Resume Critique

A resume critique is a thorough review of your resume to find any improvement areas in your resume's format, design, relevance, and content. 

Resume & Cover Letter Packages

A great resume is only the first step. Our resume and cover letter packages ensure that you have everything you need to secure your dream job.  

LinkedIn Makeover

Your LinkedIn profile should always be on point. LinkedIn is the single most important aspect of your online personal brand. Whether you need to create one from scratch or update your existing profile, we can help your profile stand out and get noticed by the right people.

Personal Statements 

A personal statement should demonstrate your goals, values, experiences, accomplishments, but most importantly, your personality. Our expert writers will craft YOUR story to make sure it's authentic and memorable.

Thank You Letters / Emails 

Sending a thank you letter after your interview can express your gratitude to the hiring manager and reiterate your enthusiasm for the position. Since less than half of applicants take this extra step, it's an easy way to leave a great impression.